AMICa: Advanced Mapping of Industrial Capabilities for Climate

AMICa is a Climate-KIC Pathfinder project aimed at mapping worldwide industrial capabilities to support the development of new technologies, products and services with positive climate change impact. AMICa´s first proof-of-concept uses the development of sustainable biofuels as a case to test a data-driven and system-oriented industrial capability mapping platform.

This project is led and executed by the Engineering Systems Division at DTU Management Engineering (Denmark), funded by Climate-KIC and has as project members Chalmers UniversityMASH-BiotechThe Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA) and Novozymes. In this project we align our efforts with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

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AMICA's capabilities mapping platform

Powered by our capability-graph, we have developed two mapping applications

AMICa's data exploration dashboard

Explore each of the thousands of records in our database using our interactive dashboards 

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Sankey Capability Diagrams

Visual exploration of capabilities through a set of interactive Sankey diagrams

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Inspiration and Motivation

Unlocking Knowledge

“More than ever, partnerships are now expected to continue to support (…) actions in realizing sustainable development. Unlocking the vast knowledge and expertise that these partnerships and partners collaboratively possess, holds the key to effectively supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2016

System Innovation and Technology Foresight

“The complexity of system innovation requires a more holistic and systemic design and analysis… Multi-stakeholder engagement and technology foresight can play an important role in overcoming some of these obstacles and creating shared visions of transitions.”

OECD, 2015

New and Innovative Ways to Tackle Societal Challenges

“Today’s pressing challenge is to explore and forecast the impacts of climate change and provide effective responses to it… In order to enable informed decisions on the appropriate mitigation and adaptation strategies, users – businesses, administrations and citizens – need services able to translate the existing wealth of climate data and information into customised tools, products and information”

European Commission, Climate Action, 2016

Project Consortium

Project Lead

The Engineering Systems Division at DTU provides its expertise in mapping complex engineering systems with responsibilities on project leadership, implementation and stakeholder coordination.

Funding and Support

Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate change, consisting of dynamic companies, the best academic institutions and the public sector.

Scientific Advisory

Chalmers University provides complementary scientific knowledge that expands the solution space with their experience in the aerospace sector, knowledge-based models and concept selection methods for early system design.

Project partner, cluster input lead

The Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation (NISA) is an active Nordic association working to promote and develop a more sustainable aviation industry with members that include Nordic airports, airlines, aviation authorities and the support of Airbus and Boeing.

Project partner, SME input lead

MASH Biotech is an innovative SME developing affordable next-generation biofuels. Its role will be to provide valuable feedback about the needs that SMEs in this area have and will help us in the validation of use cases suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Project partner, corporate input lead

Novozymes is a large company and world-leading developer of biological and bioenergy solutions for sustainable industrial manufacturing processes. Its role is to provide valuable feedback about the needs that corporate players have.

Data Sources

The AMICa-Pathfinder project has curated and integrated one of the largest worldwide collections of biofuel-related records

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